Converting a glass slide to a virtual slide and transferring the images to a cloud-based platform to provide easy access to review, analyze and consult from everywhere. 


We provide slide scanning services for

  •  widefield and confocal slide scanning for whole-tissue and whole-coverslip
  •  images at high resolution for both colorimetric (H&E, DAB, IHC) and immunofluorescence labeled slides/samples 

Advantages of a virtual slide include:

  • viewing by multiple people simultaneously either locally or elsewhere
  • easy to review with no need for a microscope, camera, or carrying physical slides
  • access to images anywhere using the free digital slide viewers
  • easy sharing of a slide with pathologists, collaborators, and others for consultation or analysis
  • ability to view a slide at different magnifications
  • easy assembly of collections of related slides
  • easy storage and retrieval in your preferred electronic format and cloud-based platform
  • files can be saved in multiple formats (.svs,.JPEG, .TIFF) 
  • reviewing by the board-certified pathologists 
  • automated quantitative digital image analysis
  • multiple objectives scanning options are available with (4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, and higher objectives)
  • standard tissue thickness or higher
  • our slides scanning services are provided for education, research, pathologists, artists, and other professionals
  • covers a wide variety of fields of study including botanical, geological, material sciences, histology, pathology

If you are looking for help in histology, staining, imaging, or image analysis. Please visit our Histology section.