CaresBio Laboratory has extensive experience developing immunostaining assays (both IHC and immunofluorescence) and analysis that includes but is not limited to

  • Sample preparation, calibration, staining optimization, interpretation, and reporting
  • Singleplex to multiplex
  • Availability of an extensive in-house library of validated and optimized antibodies for multiple applications (immunostaining-IHC and immunofluorescence, flow cytometry, and western blot)
  • Integration of clients provided antibodies and protocol
  • Carefully executed SOPs and detailed personal attention to each and every slide
  • Reports available in a standard or custom format
  • Options for manual and high-throughput automated staining, imaging, image analysis, and slide scanning systems 

CaresBio Laboratory also offers a full range of services for Laser capture microdissection (LCM), and other downstream applications like sequencing, microarray, and PCR ( RT-PCR, qPCR, and RT-qPCR). Integration of all of these systems together results in procedures that are executed with unmatched precision and consistency. It also enables us to offer our clients options to maximize their projects' potential and resources.